Speed Rope (Elite)


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Product Overview

Elevate your cardio workouts with the Speed Rope (Elite), the ultimate tool for improving agility, speed, and endurance.

The Premium Wire Speed Rope is the fastest mover in the Masterkraft skipping rope range with quick action handles and a 10ft adjustable wire rope. With its lightweight design and precision ball bearings, this rope offers lightning-fast rotations and smooth, effortless jumps. The adjustable length ensures a perfect fit for all fitness levels. Warm up pre-workout, improve your footwork and burn calories fast. Get ready to step up your skipping game and achieve maximum results.

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  • Wire rope coated in clear PVC
  • High grip narrow handles
  • Adjustable up to 10ft


Assembled Size

  • Length: 1,500mm
  • Colour: Silver, Black
  • Material: Wire, Clear PVC
  • Warranty: 3months
  • Net Weight: 1kg
  • Gross Weight: 2kg

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