The Power of Passion...

Everything MasterKraft creates is imbued with a passion to make it better, and beyond anything else created by any other fitness brand.

Our Brand Values

MasterKraft produces a powerful line of expertly engineered gym equipment for commercial and corporate gym fitouts globally. We offer quality, functionality and durability that is second-to-none.


There is no partnership without fairness. We will always be open and honest, act with impartiality and strive for a win/win in all our business transactions. We believe in our global fitness partners, we respect them, and will respond to their needs without discrimination.


We speak your language. And we follow through on our word. With decades of experience in the fitness industry, we understand and respect the individual needs of gym operators, and communicate in a corresponding manner, candidly and transparently.


Remaining accountable is the basis of our customer service. You deserve to have full confidence in the products you buy and the service you receive from our team. We commit to being responsible and outcome driven so that we can support you in your success.

The MasterKraft Way

In a challenging global marketplace, only the strong survive. Which is why MasterKraft works tirelessly to innovate where others make do, constantly evolving research and development in our mission to supply premium gym equipment beyond compare.

Our insistence upon superb quality redefines what gym equipment is capable of. Made by fitness professionals for fitness professionals, MasterKraft can help transform any available space into the most powerful, functional fitness zone imaginable.

Engineered for Fitness.

ENGINEERING – OUR CORE STRENGTH . . At MasterKraft, we’re driven by a passion for perfection. Only through understanding the gyms and the athletes who demand the best can we conceive the ultimate in gym and fitness equipment. And only through a painstaking process of fine engineering can we create something special. Every piece of MasterKraft fitness equipment is the result of a long and scrupulous research and development phase. Precise and intelligent engineering is at the core of every piece, ensuring an ideal amalgam of strength, functionality and aesthetics.

It’s far from being just a technical process, however.

Throughout the engineering phase we bring our own decades of experience in the fitness industry to bear. This constant human touchstone is essential in making sure that each product is fit for purpose—that its usability is as premium as its build. Just as we use only the best raw materials, we entrust the engineering and build of MasterKraft equipment to the best factories and manufacturers.

Perfectionism is a common trait amongst them, with a compulsive attention to detail. Such a granular, ongoing approach to engineering has resulted in us developing some truly unique designs, not for the sake of being different, but for what works best in a commercial or high-performance training environment.

Because of who we are, MasterKraft will never stop questioning, developing and innovating. It’s in our genetic code. Through precision engineering and constant forward momentum, we will continue to serve discerning gym operators across the globe.

Strong Partnerships...

MasterKraft partners with a range of likeminded local and global companies, who share our belief in both the physical and business benefits of premium quality and constant improvement. We are always eager to hear from people who make fitness their livelihood and who strive to find better ways of doing things. Below are just a few of the success stories that MasterKraft and their partners have shared.

Air Locker Training

Air Locker Training is the total body and mind, training and lifestyle choice for everyone. Driven by a clear purpose to create a holistic platform where people can reach their true potential, their science backed program brings you more for less when exercising in a simulated altitude environment. Designed to mimic the effects of training at high altitudes with less oxygen in the air, the human body is required to adapt and enhance, boosting efficiency and improving the way heart, lungs, muscles and organs function. Altitude training is for everyone, regardless of your fitness level and experience.

REVL Training

REVL Training was founded in 2020 with a mission to revolutionise the fitness industry through performance-based, group training. Co-Founders Ben Woolford and Josh Mildren combined their passions and experience to launch REVL, a network of premium boutique gyms. The aim, to provide scientifically backed programming, top-notch coaching, and a supportive team environment for members to achieve long-term fitness goals.

Grays Fitness

Grays Fitness is Australia’s largest supplier of used commercial gym equipment. MasterKraft compliments this product offering with quality new gym and fitness equipment to serve its many customers and fitness markets.

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