MasterKraft Finance Options

MasterKraft has researched the best financiers for fitness equipment and have partnered with those that offer you a range of flexible finance options enabling you to get your equipment faster, and at the most competitive finance rates.

If you need assistance, please contact us directly on 03 9972 5918 and we will provide advice on a tailored finance solution.

Afterpay (Coming soon)

Lending Limit :Up to $2,000
Loan type: Personal
Interest terms : Interest free
Repayments : Four equal instalments paid fortnightly
Establishment Fee : No establishment fee
Approval Process: Instant approval
Other Benefits: Use online and in-store
How to Apply: Coming soon

Zip Money (Coming soon)

Lending Limit :Up to $8,000
Loan type: Personal
Interest terms :Interest free for the first 3 months
Repayments : Weekly, fortnightly, or monthly instalments
Establishment Fee : One-off account establishment fee
Approval Process: 3 minute approval
Other Benefits: Use online and in-store
How to Apply: Coming soon


Stratton Finance (Coming soon)

Lending Limit :Up to $1,000,000
Loan type:Business: asset finance (chattel mortgage)
Interest terms :Based on your business circumstances
Repayments : Flexible agreement, 1 – 5 years
Establishment Fee :No fees
Approval Process: Credit approval within 24 hours
Other Benefits: GST claimable and 100% tax deductible
How to Apply: Coming soon

Zip Money now available for purchases up to $8000

Own it now. Pay later. Say ‘goodbye’ to wishing and waiting. Say ‘hello’ to owning and loving it.

Zip Money is the smarter way to pay for life’s larger purchases over time, on your terms. It’s easy! Every time you make a purchase Zip simply adds it to your account. Then at the beginning of the month, they send you a summary (called a “statement”) of what you spent and what you paid in the month. You can then pay it back in full at the end of the month or pay over time from as little as $40 a month, interest free.

So, how does Zip Money work?

Account Limit: Over $1000

Interest Free Period: 0% interest for 12 months.

Establishment Fee: $0-$99

Minimum Repayments: From $40/month

Account Fee: $6/month waived if you have no balance. See terms

Looking for more information? Learn more about it at Zip Money ‘How It Works’.

Stratton Finance for purchases over $5,000

MasterKraft has partnered with Stratton to offer you smarter finance for purchases over $5,000.Stratton Finance is one ofAustralia’s largest car and asset finance brokers, with offices in mostAustralian capital cities and a national network of franchises.By financing your asset with Stratton, you benefit from their buying power as one of Australia’s largest asset finance brokers.

As a valued customer ofMasterKraft, you can access these many benefits:

  • Market leading rates

  • Lending panel of 25 financiers

  • Loans with the option of no early termination fees or payout penalties

  • No monthly account keeping fees

  • Several loan structures to tailor your business needs

  • No financials and low-doc options

  • Start-up business options

What is the Process?

  • Obtain a quote from MasterKraft for your required gym and fitness equipment.

  • ContactMatthew Nicolat Stratton Finance on 0449 691187 or email for a finance quote.

  • Alternatively, MasterKraft can send the quote along with your contact details direct to Stratton Finance for them to contact you.

  • The application is done over the phone in approximately 10 minutes.

  • Once approved, the paperwork is faxed or emailed through for signature.

  • Once signed, Stratton Finance will contact MasterKraft to confirm the order and the equipment will be immediately released to you (pending availability).To learn more, contact us on 03 9972 5918.

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