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Gym Owners

Requirements:  Relevant fitness certificate or degree/qualification

Strength and Conditioning Coaches

Requirements: Registered ABN for a business in the fitness industry

Personal Trainers

Requirements: ADF identification papers or @defence email address

Defence and Emergency Services 

Requirements: Emergency services email address

CrossFit Affiliates 

Requirements: Relevant medical degree

Sporting Clubs and Organisations 

Requirements: Sports science degree

Sports Medicine Professionals

Requirements: Organisation ABN- Schools, Universities, Sports Team

Physical Education Teachers


Why Masterkraft?

  • Quality- Whether it’s working out or creating gym equipment, results aren’t achieved overnight. Every piece of MasterKraft fitness equipment boasts premium design and functionality thanks to years of development and refinement.
  • Endurance- Our gym equipment goes the distance because so do our methods. Strong design, meticulous engineering, attention to detail. MasterKraft is built to outlast anything that serious gym environments can throw at it, year in, year out.
  • Integrity- We speak your language. And we follow through on our word. With decades of experience in the fitness industry, we understand and respect the individual needs of gym operators, delivering tailored solutions to a global market


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Are you a fitness professional?
Sign up to our FitPass and save.

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