Dead Balls

Designed to absorb impact when slammed into the ground, dead balls or slam balls come in a range of sizes and weights. They test explosive power and strength and require solid core engagement. Great for training raw power moves and dynamic full body workouts including slams, lifts, cleans and bear crawls. Thick rubber casing and a with textured surface, you can grip these even during the sweatiest of workouts.

Abdominal Machines

Who doesn’t want a six pack? Strong abdominal muscles are a sure sign of someone who puts the work in, not just in the gym but also with their diet, as the six-pack is notoriously difficult to achieve. You need to train your core to support almost every functional movement that you do which means enlisting the strength of all core muscles not just the rectus abdominus (abs). These machines will help you ensure transverse abdominus, internal and external obliques and the spinal muscles, erector spinae and multifidus, are not sleeping on the job. Shop abdominal machines for a complete core workout.

Rubber Flooring

High density rubber flooring is a must for a variety of training spaces, whether big or small. When choosing rubber flooring you have to consider the impact it will be subject to and how long it will last. Our mats are waterproof, slip resistant, odour resistant and above all will retain a clean and sharp appearance over and over again. Whatever the activity, MasterKraft rubber flooring will enhance your members’ performance and compliment any functional training or commercial training space.

Lower Body Machines

Using a leg machine is great for beginners to build confidence and excellent for the more advanced athlete to use in multiple movements. This isn’t just about your thighs, but building hip and glute strength, working on knee stability and ankle mobility, hip rotational strength, thrust and power drive. The options are only limited by your creativity. Exercises can be small and intentional such as calf raises or deep and powerful like a full squat but you’ll be sure to develop quality movements in a safe and controlled manner, supported by exceptional equipment.

Medicine Balls

Medicine balls are not meant for slamming unlike dead balls but are a great tool for upper body and core strengthening movements. You can use them for individual or partner workouts that will raise your heart rate for that extra cardio burn. Think about throwing to your partner, throwing at a wall and in the air, catching, gripping and squatting, running with them. They are purposefully awkward and ideal for functional training to throw you off balance which will test smaller stabilising muscle groups as well as larger power muscles.

Medicine Balls

Medicine Ball Pack

Mixed Implements

TRAIN ALL YOUR PLANES.. These are the toys that will take your training to the next level and keep you coming back for more. Having a full range of training implements in your gym or at home is an absolute must to offer variety not just for your mental stimulation, but to functionally train all planes of the body. Seven core movement patterns should be covered in a successful all round fitness program – push, pull, hinge, squat, lunge, carry, hold. Integrating these pieces of equipment will help you to hit those bases and have fun doing it.


MasterKraft gym and fitness equipment packages are a great way to set up your training space and save a few dollars at the same time. Choose from a range of barbell, dumbbell, group fitness, kettlebell and exercise ball packages to suit your training style and needs.


Shop Gym Equipment Packages to get the best home gym set up with commercial quality products. Shop MasterKraft and discover the difference.

Plyometric Boxes

Shop plyometric boxes.

Do you want explosive power? Plyometric exercises use speed and different explosive movements to exert force and build muscle power. If you play a sport where you are required to accelerate or change direction at speed, then you need to incorporate plyometrics into your training regime. Wooden and foam boxes are a great way of achieving this. Not only do box jumps test speed and cardio but plyometrics build lower limb strength and are a solid addition to your training routines. Use the different box heights to create a variety of exercise challenges.

Power Bags

Power Bag Pack

Power Bags

Power bags are useful for dynamic and static movements adding weight for that extra challenge. They feature multiple handle placements to give you versatile options for lunging, squatting, pushing or rotating movements. They will develop your core stability, balance and strength. MasterKraft’s exceptional engineering will ensure stitching is robust, seams do not split and that these remain as hard-wearing as you are for lasting quality.

Recovery & Mobility

Shop recovery & mobility equipment to train, recover faster, and train harder.

Better every day means efficient recovery. Muscle growth and cardiovascular improvement takes place after periods of stress through exercise. Putting your body through its paces is one thing, but are you putting in the hours to allow your body to heal and grow? Recovery and mobility does not just mean a 5-minute warm down and stretch after training, it should be an active part of your plan and built into the week to ensure joints and soft tissue regain full function and fast. This essential equipment will help ease muscle discomfort, release tight soft tissue and prepare you for the next challenge in your best shape yet.

Resistance & Power Bands

Shop resistance & power bands.

Do not underestimate how useful a resistance band can be. As strong as you are, these bands will increase weight to your lifts by adding resistance, or use them to work on accessory muscles and for rehab exercises to activate the muscles where you need it most.

Power bands are great for assisting movements as you work towards a full range, such as pull ups. Pack these in your bag and take them with you, they’re perfect for travelling. So there really is no excuse not to get your work out in wherever you are!

Rigs & Racks

THE ONLY LIMIT IS YOU.. This is the scaffolding of your gym. How you choose to construct the rigs, cages and racks will say everything about your intentions for your members and athletes. Choose from a simple design to a complex interweave of steel structures that will offer you or your members multiple exercise options. Modular by design, so even if you start small you can build as you grow. You can trust MasterKraft’s superior engineering to fit the brief with a range of squat stands, rigs and power racks that will elevate your training experience.


Love them or hate them rowing is the ultimate power and cardio combination. MasterKraft’s rowing machines offer a smooth rowing action and superior design resulting in a more comfortable experience and maximum fitness benefits. You will feel the difference in your rowing action and see the gains on your performance. Accurate data recording will give you the realistic feedback you are after, and with different program settings you can adjust for speed or endurance to easily measure your output. Rowers are great to train your back with a strong pulling action, but also the more powerful the leg drive the more efficient you’ll become. Watch your performance rocket.


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Kettlebell Packages


Shop curved treadmills.

Treadmills are a health club must due to their versatility and widespread popularity. Technological advances mean that MasterKraft’s curved treadmills offer the most superior ergonomics for effective and safe training. The curved shape mirrors the biomechanics of a true running style to give you the most accurate indoor experience possible. This design shifts the emphasis onto your hamstrings instead of a traditional treadmill that tests the quads. As you’d expect from MasterKraft, quality, durability and stability are all the focus with a sleek design to ensure you can’t resist adding these to your training routine.


LIFT AND SHIFT.. No longer feared and revered as the demise of powerlifting gyms, weightlifting is becoming more and more popular as the enormous benefits for our general health and wellbeing are acknowledged. Adding weight and resistance training to whatever fitness regime you undertake is now accepted as one of the essential parts of a successful fitness program. You don’t have to lift heavy, you don’t have to ever progress to heavier weights, you don’t ever have to bulk up if you don’t want to. But weightlifting will build muscle strength and power, improve bone density, improve aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, burn fat and calories and is an all round fantastic addition to add longevity to your training whether it’s endurance or power you’re after.

Weight Plates

Weight Plate Packages

Weight Plates

Traditional Olympic weight plates, unlike bumper plates, are not meant to be dropped to the ground from a lift. These vary in diameter with the weight of the plate. Constructed with a solid steel core and precision weighted for accuracy, all MasterKraft Olympic weight plates are built to last. Weight plates can be used on barbells but also individually to add weight to holds or bodyweight exercises. Due to their varying size, the lighter weights are a fantastic tool to use in mobility and accessory training also as they are easily handheld. Designed for personal and commercial use for many years of use and well worth the investment.

Weight Benches

Wall Mounted

Shop wall mounted gym equipment storage and maximise your floor space. By racking and mounting smaller equipment on the wall, you are creating new areas for training. Consolidate balls, ropes, bags, attachments, and anything that needs to be tucked out of the way or against a wall. It will look good and create extra space. These storage solutions are solid and purpose built.

Wall Balls

Experience a full-body workout like never before with our Wall Balls. This versatile fitness tool is perfect for adding an extra dimension to your training routine, helping you build strength, improve coordination, and increase endurance.

Suspension Trainer

Shop suspension trainer from MasterKraft.

Adding a suspension trainer to your bodyweight exercises is a great way to double the work and double the benefits. These trainers support your weight safely but will increase load on your muscles and joints in a way that will help you build lean muscle fast, while improving joint stability, flexibility and balance. You can suspend your feet and ankles to intensify the simple plank. Hold the handles and pump out skater jumps or squat jumps. Or use as a progression tool for advanced gymnastics movements.

Whatever the exercise, you will feel the burn.

Ski Trainer

Missing the exhilaration of the slopes? Get all the benefits from skiing without braving the cold with a ski trainer! This piece of equipment is a genius addition to the gym. It will fire up your posterior chain from your latissimus dorsi, glutes, hamstrings and calves as well as burn your quads, challenge your forearms and get you sweating and breathing so hard your lungs will thank you. It’s a full body power workout and cardio thrashing. Are you ready to give it a try?

Studio Kit


The MasterKraft brand is synonymous with functionality and durability.

Whether you are fitting out your home garage gym, PT studio or commercial health facility, MasterKraft has you covered with an extensive range of staple selectorize and plate loaded strength machines, free weight squat and power racks, smith machines and weight benches.

Strength training is fundamental to any effective exercise program. By using weights or resistance to increase strength in your muscles, weight bearing training is key to improving your health and managing weight, delivering many benefits including increased muscle strength and tone, joint protection, promotes greater mobility, flexibility and balance, and overall will significantly enhance your quality of life.

Whether you are an experienced athlete, weightlifter or simply just don’t know your way around a gym, MasterKraft equipment ensures ease of use while guiding you towards maximum performance to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Squat & Power Racks

Squat & power racks are essential cornerstones of your gym – they are the strongman in the corner, sturdy enough to withstand huge amounts of weight and stand up to whatever you ask of it. Racks can be used for barbell work, back and front squats, overhead presses, bench presses, any movement where you need that bit of elevation from the floor. Multiple attachments allow you the freedom to use the rack for a wide variety of equipment. Think multi-grip bars, suspension hooks, anchors, landmines or pull up bars. Solid technical construction means a smooth fit and confident workout.

Squat & Power Racks

Squat racks are essential cornerstones of your gym – they are the strongman in the corner, sturdy enough to withstand huge amounts of weight and stand up to whatever you ask of it. Racks can be used for barbell work, back and front squats, overhead presses, bench presses, or any movement where you need that bit of elevation from the floor. Multiple attachments allow you the freedom to use the rack for a wide variety of equipment. Think multigrip bars, suspension hooks, anchors, landmines or pull up bars. Solid technical construction means a smooth fit and confident workout.

Speed & Agility

Shop speed & agility products.

Do you want to move fast? Start practising fast foot work. If you’re training for a team sport, boxing or sprinting then you’re going to need to move those feet. When you’re light on your feet you can transition through movements quickly, leaving the opposition standing. So get your feet flying and your heart rate elevated with these agility tools. They will help you to improve coordination, balance, directional change and mental processing.


Lock, load and drive. Sleds are the ultimate heavy duty equipment to build leg strength. Both pushing and pulling a sled will require full on effort, so you’ll have to dig deep especially when loaded to the max. You will also melt fat super fast pushing a sled, whether it is loaded with weight plates or lighter for speedy footwork. MasterKraft knows you want reliable equipment so you can concentrate on putting the work in, and these sleds are going to provide you with that raw power performance just when you need it most.



No longer just for gymnasts, calisthenics tools build agility and functional strength for full body control and athletic endurance. Gymnastics movements involve a combination of strength, balance and flexibility to be able to get into challenging body positions. Think pull ups, muscle ups, L-sits, T-holds, handstands and a lot of bar work. Gymnastics equipment will help you sculpt your body and especially gain upper body strength and muscle control.


Entire workouts can be constructed from kettlebells, with the only limit being your creativity. Simplicity demands outstanding design and engineering that’s why MasterKraft’s kettlebells are crafted out of superior materials for a smooth finish and balanced weight. Precision design and contouring will provide the right balance of grip whether you are swinging, snatching, pushing, jerking or carrying. Gravity casting allows these kettlebells to reach competition standard and to withstand daily wear and tear in high performance training environments. Colour coded by weight not only makes for ease of use, but also looks pretty good!


FEEL THE BURN. The exhilarating MasterKraft range of cardio equipment may get your pulse racing simply by looking at it. From curved resistance treadmills to air bikes, rowers to ski trainers, users will enjoy the pure fitness experience that only superior quality affords.

Shop cardio gym equipment.


Astro Turf/Sled Tracks

Shop astro turf/sled tracks and get ahead of the competition by laying some turf for your athletes. The sled track is where you can push and pull and bring outdoor sports training into the gym. This turf needs to be tough. Athletes and training enthusiasts are going to dig deep and need an ideal training surface to glide without fear of ripping or puckering to get in the way. MasterKraft provides the perfect combination of dense turf tracks you can lay wherever you need to and confidently leave it to do its job.


Shop Rig attachments.

The quality of your rigging is paramount for safe workouts. It must be sturdy and strong and never leave you feeling in any doubt that it’s got your back whatever lifting or exercise challenge you are facing. You should feel confident that you can just focus on the job at hand rather than whether the rig will support your weight and training movements. Fear not, we’ve got you covered. These rig attachments are custom made for a beautiful precision fit so that you can create the best possible multi-purpose training space and just get the job done.

Back Machines

Train a strong back to support you through life. Your spine is long and with too much sitting bent over a computer, backs are getting a rough ride. MasterKraft offers a range of machines to help you master pulls, rows and extensions, to strengthen your upper and lower back and prevent injury. Using assisted machines is a great way to supplement free weight work in a safe and dependable environment.

Balance & Stability

Shop Balance & Stability to build your strength and coordination by adding a level of instability to your exercises. These versatile items will test your core and proprioception as well as demanding mental focus. Strength is not just made in large muscle groups. Your joints require strength in mobility to be able to reach full range and to be able to hold positions. By doing sit ups or holding balances for example on these soft surfaces, you are asking small groups to work harder, ultimately giving you a far greater outcome.


You will experience the superior craftsmanship of MasterKraft’s barbells as soon as you lift them up. Silky smooth and balanced, with a polished finish and a defined grip, the weight and spin will ensure your Olympic lifts provide you with the best opportunity to hit your goals. An Olympic lifter knows that the finest details make a huge difference, that’s why all of our barbells have been engineered to perfection. Choose a regular straight barbell for a complex choice of lifts or choose a hex trap barbell to adjust the emphasis closer to your centre of gravity and away from the lumbar spine. EZ curl bars offer a shorter option and ergonomic shape for bicep isolation.


Barbell Packages

Battle Ropes

Let the battle commence. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, and easily stored, these hard wearing battle ropes are designed to test your grit and determination. Made from the best quality polyester that will withstand thousands of slams, these ropes will not absorb moisture and will train muscular endurance as you tirelessly thrash and burn. Squat low and get into a rhythm, as you engage your core and pound your arms. Great for developing arms, backs, glutes and thighs.

Bicep & Tricep Machines

Get on the gun show and pump up your biceps and triceps. These two muscle groups are antagonists, meaning they work together with opposing movements. When you contract the biceps the triceps will relax and lengthen, and vice versa. So don’t ignore the triceps, both are equally important and the triceps are the bigger of the upper arm muscles, potentially accounting for 70% of an arm’s total mass, making it the best muscle for filling out shirt sleeves. Various seated positions on these bicep and tricep machines offer a range of benefits for isolating these important upper arm muscles, while supporting your back and chest for maximum gain.


MasterKraft’s range of exercise bikes are not just exceptional to look at but with varying user positions and resistance levels they offer you the range you need to hit every goal in your gym. Cycling requires great cardiovascular fitness, combined with explosive power and serious endurance for those epic journeys. It will train your heart, your lungs and your legs and so even if you are a road cyclist, train with these in the gym and experience superior control and data feedback. Whether it’s to hit those highs during a HIIT workout or the varied intensity of a spin session, you can be sure you’ll be left exhilarated and pumped whatever your fitness level.

Body Weight

FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION.. Utilise your body weight as resistance for movements and challenge your speed, stability, balance, coordination, flexibility, strength and endurance.

Bodyweight exercises offer an endless variety of exercises that will improve all of these areas and complement any great training program.

Battle tested in HIIT gyms across Australia, Singapore and New Zealand, MasterKraft bodyweight products are built to be punished in the toughest training environments.

Choose from an indestructible range of aerobic steps, exercise mats , plyometric boxes, suspension trainers, balance and stability, core training, gymnastics, recovery and mobility, resistance and power bands, and speed and agility products from MasterKraft.


Bumper Plates

Whether your focus is Olympic lifting, powerlifting, bodybuilding or simply strength training, you need high performance bumper plates that last. These guys are going to take a beating with regular heavy use, and, as these are often dropped during a lift, you need exceptionally strong plates fit for purpose. Constructed with a solid steel core and precision weighted for accuracy, all MasterKraft bumper plates are superior quality, built to last. As is the norm, bumper plates are the same diameter so they will be uniform on your barbell. They can also be used as individual pieces of equipment for strength training, adding weight to planks, sit ups, wall sits, overhead holds, and squats, and lighter weights are a fantastic tool to use in mobility and accessory training.

Cable Machines

Cable machines and multi-gyms are both practical and space saving as they incorporate a huge range of movements and exercises into one complex piece of equipment. These are ideal for home use but also offer commercial gyms the variety they need without compromising on equipment options. The MasterKraft range offers the opportunity for multiple users to train at once at different stations in a super high-quality environment. These machines are expertly designed with ideal weight stacks and range of movement, and enough space to work at your best.

Chest & Shoulder Machines

Shoulder and chest machines effectively isolate the muscles of your upper body, such as the pectoralis, trapezius, deltoids and rotator cuff muscle groups. Chest and shoulder exercises require a balanced and smooth structure so that you can load up with confidence. These machines have multiple grip options and either independent or dual arm usage for both strength building and rehabilitation variety.

Aerobic Steps

Feel the burn in your glutes, thighs and hips. Aerobic steps add that extra push to take you to the edge. Using even a small amount of elevation changes the angle at which you work, placing different pressures on lower limbs and joints. You can use these steps for cardio workouts or for pre-workout warm ups and mobility as well as post sweat stretches. All Masterkraft steps are strong and sturdy with a molded or rubber grip surface for a confident workout.


BUILT TO PROTECT. Your gym floor should be eager and willing to take a beating so make sure it is battle ready by laying down the toughest flooring on the market. Heavy workouts, equipment, racks, barbells, sleds, pushes, pulls, jumps and slams are all going to take their toll. Let alone moisture that could deteriorate quality and be a safety hazard. So you have to be sure the rubber flooring will stand up to the test and be there for you and your equipment time after time. Don’t let it buckle under the pressure. Choose quality where it matters.

Group Fitness

Nothing beats the addictive energy of group fitness training. When you need the motivation of a group to drive you forward, working alongside your friends and peers can give you the extra determination you need. Group fitness is an excellent motivator whether you all work together or feed off each other’s energy force, you cannot deny that competitive spirit comes alive. Lift, squat, jump, run and push each other forward to go further than you would alone. MasterKraft has curated a collection of equipment for the most creative of teams.

Group Fitness

Group Fitness Packages

Freight & Delivery

Freestanding Storage

Freestanding Rigs

The MasterKraft freestanding rigs need nothing else but floor space. These are the ultimate gym workhorses providing an abundance of exercise options for the athlete or the serious trainer. Squat, pull ups, bench press, military press, rack pulls are just the beginning. Utilise suspension trainers, gym rings or resistance bands for even more exercise options.


From plate and dumbbell racks to portable trolleys and boxes, these storage solutions are modular and versatile so get creative to maximise what works for your space. MasterKraft excels in precision engineering, so each item is designed with daily and heavy commercial use in mind. Made for easy fitting and lifting of equipment, and hard wearing so that a bit of clattering and battering won’t spoil the aesthetics.

Farmers Walk

Shop Farmers Walk.

One of the most functional movement patterns in your arsenal. The ability to lift and carry heavy objects is a skill we should all train on a daily basis. The farmer’s walk is a simple exercise that trains your grip, balance and stability, while recruiting forearm and upper back strength alongside strong, solid footwork. The MasterKraft farmer’s walk takes this functional exercise to the next level with precision engineering to provide you with ultimate confidence for each and every step.


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Exercise Mats

Shop Exercise & Yoga Mats. Good mats are essential, whether you’re using them to stretch or test your core, or you just need somewhere soft to recover after a hard training session. You need durable, versatile, high performance mats that are designed to withstand high impact use after use, and still retain quality. MasterKraft puts the same care and attention into the small things as the big ticket items, so you can be sure our mats are made to last.

Equipment Storage


Essential storage equipment is not only a sensible health and safety decision it also demonstrates your intention – be smart, utilise space and train well.

You’re investing in the best quality gym equipment for your gym, so make sure it stays looking and performing as good as the first day it arrived by installing appropriate supports, racks, hooks and mounts. MasterKraft offers a comprehensive range of wall mounted and freestanding storage solutions to ensure efficient storage for all of your gym and fitness items including weight plates, barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, exercise balls and fitness accessories.

Time to clean up the clutter and maximise your training space. Shop gym equipment storage now.


Every home and professional gym can be judged by the quality and range of its dumbbells. They are the absolute centre piece and arguably the most useful item of equipment in the room. Invest well in your dumbbells and they will repay you in spades. Dumbbells can be used for everything from joint isolation exercises to multiplanar movements and full body cardio routines. That’s why MasterKraft offers a wide range of styles, materials and grips as well as diverse weights to satisfy every training need.


Dumbbell Packages

Dead Balls

Dead Ball Pack

Core Training

A solid core is your foundation. Without it you are nothing. These core training products may look simple but they will test every inch of your strength as they help you to get into tough body positions. Your core consists of many muscles that fit like a band around your middle section, that are top and tailed by your diaphragm and pelvic floor. Your core muscles do an extremely important job of supporting your spine and connecting upper and lower limbs. Use these tools to engage, rotate, lock and load your core and watch your performance fly.

Weightlifting Accessories

Sometimes it’s the little details that matter the most. Here you’ll find all the extras you need for a perfect weightlifting session. The collars, chalk, and all the attachments and the bits and bobs that you never thought you needed until now. These additions may seem insignificant until you give them a try. Get stuck in and finish the job to create a tidier, safer, more functional training space.

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