Multi Press Machine Pro (Selectorize)


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Product Overview

Introducing our Multi Press Machine (Selectorized), the ultimate all-in-one solution for upper body strength training.

This versatile machine allows you to target multiple muscle groups, including chest, shoulders, and triceps, with precision. With its user-friendly selectorized system, adjustable seat, and ergonomic handles, you can perform a variety of exercises with ease. Elevate your fitness journey with this durable and efficient machine.

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  • The MasterKraft Pro Strength Line represents the absolute best value full commercial rated strength pieces available on the market today
  • Expert biomechanics ensure controlled, natural movement, providing an enjoyable experience for all users
  • Articulating seats adjust at an angle to ensure optimum positioning and effectiveness for exercisers of all sizes
  • Sleek¬†design and quality materials combine for impressive aesthetics.
  • Adjustment dials and knobs have a large diameter and are colour coded for easy use and recognition. Seats can also be adjusted with one-hand operation
  • 220lb weights stack with 25mm machined cast weight plates


Assembled Size

  • Width: 1,948mm
  • Height: 1,566mm
  • Length: 1,506mm
  • Colour: Tungsten¬†(metallic silver gray)
  • Material: Steel, Foam, Artificial Leather, HDPE
  • Warranty: (1) Frame- 5 years (2) Blocks, pulleys, plates, rods- 3 years (3) Foam, bearings, coatings- 1 year (4) Cables- 6 months (5) Hardware, plastics, upholstery- 3 monthsmonths
  • Net Weight: 260kg
  • Gross Weight: 277kg

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