Abductor & Adductor Machine Elite (Selectorize)


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Product Overview

Target and strengthen specific muscle groups in the hips and thighs with our Ab/Back Extension Machine Pro (Selectorize).

The abductor machine primarily targets the muscles responsible for moving your legs away from the midline of your body, which is known as abduction. It works the outer thigh muscles, including the tensor fasciae latae and the gluteus medius and minimus. The adductor machine, on the other hand, targets the muscles responsible for bringing your legs toward the midline of your body, which is known as adduction. It primarily works the inner thigh muscles, including the adductor longus, adductor magnus, and adductor brevis. With its user-friendly selectorized system, adjustable seat, and padded support, it ensures proper form and comfort during leg curl exercises. Elevate your strength training routine with this durable and efficient machine.

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  • The MasterKraft Pro Strength Line represents the absolute best value full commercial rated strength pieces available on the market today
  • Expert biomechanics ensure controlled, natural movement, providing an enjoyable experience for all users
  • Articulating seats adjust at an angle to ensure optimum positioning and effectiveness for exercisers of all sizes
  • Sleek┬ádesign and quality materials combine for impressive aesthetics.
  • Adjustment dials and knobs have a large diameter and are colour coded for easy use and recognition. Seats can also be adjusted with one-hand operation
  • 220lb weights stack with 25mm machined cast weight plates


Assembled Size

  • Width: 730mm
  • Height: 1,689mm
  • Length: 1,536mm
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Steel, Foam, Artificial Leather, HDPE
  • Warranty: (1) Frame- 5 years (2) Blocks, pulleys, plates, rods- 3 years (3) Foam, bearings, coatings- 1 year (4) Cables- 6 months (5) Hardware, plastics, upholstery- 3 monthsmonths
  • Net Weight: 236kg
  • Gross Weight: 254kg

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