MasterKraft partners with Air Locker Training as Exclusive Global Supplier

MasterKraft is excited to partner with Air Locker Training as the Exclusive Global Supplier for all of their specialist gym equipment. This collaboration with MasterKraft provides Air Locker Training studios with carefully engineered fitness equipment, fit for purpose and designed with the members’ experience in mind.

MasterKraft launched in 2022 as a premium fitness brand committed to continuous innovation and development beyond anything else created.

“We are absolutely thrilled to be chosen by CEO Roman Brady to be Air Locker Training’s Exclusive Global Equipment Supplier” stated Steve Callanan, Founder and Managing Director of MasterKraft. “We are grateful to play a role in the group’s inevitable success as it expands into New Zealand, North America and beyond.”

Founded in 2019, Air Locker Training is a first to market fitness and wellness franchise, providing group and individualised training in a simulated altitude training environment. Delivering a results-driven, community-focused experience once only reserved for the elite, high altitude is the future of fitness.

MasterKraft will deliver a full range of premium fitness equipment via streamlined processes.

“Because of who we are, MasterKraft will never stop questioning, developing and innovating. It’s in our genetic code. Through precision engineering and constant forward momentum, we will continue to serve discerning gym operators across the globe.” Steve Callanan.

About MasterKraft

MasterKraft is redefining what gym equipment is capable of. Expertly engineered for commercial and corporate gym fitouts, MasterKraft transforms any space into the most powerful, functional fitness zone imaginable. Made by fitness professionals for fitness professionals, MasterKraft products are built to outperform and outlast other fitness brands and meet the extreme physical demands of serious gym environments.

MasterKraft. Engineered for Fitness.

About Air Locker Training:

Air Locker Training is the total body and mind, training and lifestyle choice for everyone. Driven by a clear purpose to create a holistic platform where people can reach their true potential, their science backed program brings you more for less when exercising in a simulated altitude environment. Designed to mimic the effects of training at high altitudes with less oxygen in the air, the human body is required to adapt and enhance, boosting efficiency and improving the way heart, lungs, muscles and organs function. Altitude training is for everyone, regardless of your fitness level and experience.