Battle Rope


Product Overview

Battle Ropes (aka Power Ropes) offer a high intensity workout that assists in core strength, power and endurance. Even those with only a short amount of time to workout will gain huge benefits from a quick shred session on this one.

There is a misconception that Battle Ropes are a one dimensional workout. Nothing could be further from the truth. Power Ropes, as they are also known, offer a brilliant high intensity training exercise which can be multi-directional in movement, and can be performed in a number of positions whether it be based variations of body stance or by using in conjunction with other items such as the Masterkraft Fitness Balance Trainer. The Masterkraft Battle Rope is made from a strong and flexible 12m black polyester rope that is 42mm thick and covered by a water resistant, hard wearing black printed nylon cover. The ends are secured with 56mm metal clamps which are bolted through the centre of the rope itself by loctite secured bolts. This 14kg high intensity functional fitness training rope is one of the most important pieces of equipment in gyms today.

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  • Nylon polyester rope
  • Hard wearing black nylon water resistant casing
  • 56mm Metal Clamp secures each end of the rope
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Assembled Size

  • Width: 42mm
  • Depth: 1,500mm
  • Height: 42mm
  • Length: 12,000mm
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Nylon, steel
  • Net Weight: 11kg
  • Gross Weight: 11kg

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