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As of  August 1st, 2010  Craftmasters, Inc. has over 1,000  912Xtra conversion kits flying throughout the world.   These pilots know what its like to     


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win races at Sun N Fun 1999.  A Pulsar won the 100 horsepower and less class in the Sun 100, with an average speed of 167mph and a Titan Tornado won the Lockwood 1250 at an average speed of 119mph . Both of these planes were racing against like planes with a regular 80 horsepower 912 in them!!  Congratulations to these two racers who definitely

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To find out about the 95 horsepower   912Xtra conversion kit and get a look at the installation manual go



New, Just In!     Our new decal to put on your plane when you 
One decal will be included with each order, extras will be $8.95 each.  The decal has individual letters and is easy to apply.  The decal measures 12" X 2" and will let everyone know you have the power!

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     If you need plugs for your 912, 912Xtra or 912S go